Ethereum Towers : A Community-Centric Metaverse

Ethereum Towers, a community-centric metaverse built on equality, diversity & inclusivity...
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Ethereum Towers is a community-centric, vertical megastructure set in the upcoming Ethereum Worlds Metaverse, with 4,388 resident-owned apartments and a variety of communal places.

More community-centric aspects have been added to Ethereum Towers' project since its launch. As the team explained in the project’s whitepaper, particular metaverse concepts have been facing low community integration and user retention issues. Thus, considering potential limitations to the existing metaverse space, and the opportunities this presents, the project aims to shatter the idea of a metaverse by pioneering the vertical concept of communal living with highly customized virtual apartments.

Ethereum Towers are designed by award-winning architects in two identical 101-floors towers where residents will own their virtual apartment as a form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Owners of these NFTs will gain access to the Ethereum Towers Metaverse, also named Ethereum Worlds, in which apartment NFTs are deployed as an ERC-721 token in an expanding metaverse that ‘will provide an evolving, exciting, and socially dynamic experience for residents and visitors alike,’ according to founders.

Our goal is to transform real life interactions into digital interactions, and then transform those digital interactions into a socially-enriched environment that fosters a diverse and inclusive community," said Jason, Ethereum Towers, Founder & CEO.

Many established NFT projects, communities, and individuals have expressed interest in Ethereum Towers' future social networking and lifestyle. Bored Ape Yacht Club, Boss Beauties, The Doge Pound, World of Women and many other NFT projects are now part of the Ethereum Towers community. Notwithstanding Jason Belmonte, an Australian professional bowler, now "lives" on the 80th floor in Tower 1, and many other celebrities are among the resident’s list. 

Moving forward with the project, Ethereum Towers has collaborated with several projects and metaverse experts. Most recently, Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire (, the largest decentralized metaverse investment organization, has joined the Ethereum Towers team as an advisor. Dominic played a key role in vEmpire's meteoric rise during the second half of 2021, by securing $35 million in assets locked, releasing a P2E game, developing their own staking platform (and token, $VEMP), last but not least being featured in the SandBox comms channel.

It is appropriate to diversify the metaverse depending on the different use cases as the metaverse matures into a fully functional virtual environment. People claim that different forms of metaverses will appeal to different audiences. Some metaverses offer games, while others could be museums or art centers. The Ethereum Towers community provides a place where members' fantasies of their ideal home can come true.

"We are excited by the early success of the project, and are looking forward to disrupting the Metaverse industry with the release of our community-focused, vertical Metaverse in 2022," said Brandon, Ethereum Towers CPO.

Every residence can be created and designed to the owner’s liking. They have the option of furnishing and dividing their apartments according to their own preferences. Users will also have access to an in-game marketplace with a diverse selection of furniture and accessories. Furthermore, as time passes, the possibilities offered will expand and grow more diverse. Every item will be deployed as an NFT, giving users full control and ownership over the items they buy or trade.

The major goal is to give players an authentic and original online experience where players will be able to interact with each other in their residences as well as any of the Towers' communal areas. 

The Ethereum Towers structure consists of 4,388 resident-owned apartments as well as a variety of communal areas. There are three types of apartments in Ethereum Towers including, Standard, Luxury, and Penthouse apartments, each with its own size and tower coverage. Each tower has 101 floors, with floors 1-99 containing only Standard and Luxury apartments. Floors 100-101 are entirely dedicated to Penthouse apartments. There will be a total of 3960 standard apartments, 396 Luxury ones, and 32 penthouses. 

Ethereum Towers with over 40 community partnerships, and a team of passionate and dedicated builders with 50+ years of cumulative experience in Tech, Marketing & Sales, is set to continue expanding to provide an evolving, exciting, and socially dynamic experience for all users.

Follow Ethereum Towers on Twitter and join their Discord for more info about Tower 2 Phase 1 drop that is expected to go live in the coming days. 

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