Introducing Kiwii: Nahmii’s NFT Platform

Discover, Kiwii, a new NFT platform powered by Nahmii which offers high throughput, low transaction costs, and full user flexibility!
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Introducing Kiwii: Nahmii’s NFT Platform

Kiwii is an NFT platform powered by Nahmii which offers high throughput, low transaction costs, and full user flexibility.

Kiwii offers NFT creators and collectors access to Ethereum’s NFT ecosystem without the high cost of minting, distributing, bidding, and purchasing. The Kiwii platform is composed of two applications: Kiwii Marketplace and Kiwii Labs, an NFT minting station.

With the launch of Kiwii, Nahmii is unlocking new possibilities for NFT creators and collectors. Kiwii’s NFT marketplace makes it easier than ever for crypto users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs. The platform’s operational efficiencies enable a wide range of advanced NFT applications beyond the collectibles market.

Perhaps more important than the other benefits of Kiwii, transactions on Nahmii are eco-friendly and carbon neutral, so every time you mint and trade in Kiwii, you’re also helping the world.

The inaugural project on Kiwii will be Kiwii Eggs — a series of 555 iconic, generative NFTs. Kiwii Eggs might hatch surprises to you (whitelisted addresses, other NFTs, etc.). As a Kiwii Egg owner, you will get exclusive and premier access to new NFT mints and airdrops coming out of Kiwii Labs. Finally, you will be able to boost your other Nahmii protocol assets (details exclusive to Kiwii Egg holders)

**Beware of scammers. Kiwii and Kiwii Labs will not be live until June.

Introducing Kiwii NFT Marketplace

Kiwii Marketplace is the home of Nahmii’s NFT commerce. Kiwii will scan the Nahmii network for NFTs and automatically add them to the Kiwii Marketplace. Users will be able to filter their NFT searches by category, collection name, price, and status. Collectors can browse, sell, bid, and purchase NFTs with low transaction costs and high throughput.

Key benefits of the Kiwii Marketplace include:

  • Easy Connectivity: Nahmii users can connect their MetaMask to Kiwii with a single click and start minting and trading NFTs immediately
  • Lightning Fast: Since Kiwii runs on the Nahmii Network, transactions are confirmed instantly
  • Low Transaction Fees: Kiwii’s fees are low, allowing users to create and trade many NFTs without prohibitively high network fees
  • Low Platform Fees: Trade NFTs via auction or direct offer on Kiwii, with only a 0.7% platform fee versus platforms like OpenSea, which charges 2.5% for each transaction

Introducing Kiwii Labs

Kiwii Labs makes it easy for NFT artists and creators to launch, mint and offer new collections and pieces natively on the Nahmii network. Kiwii Labs offers creators the full suite of NFT possibilities available on Ethereum’s L1, including generative properties, unlockable content, airdrops, composability, and more.

Kiwii Labs also lets creators set up their NFTs to earn royalties each time their NFTs are sold on Kiwii.

As an Ethereum Layer 2, Nahmii is compatible with the rest of Ethereum’s NFT ecosystem. Owners of NFTs that are natively minted on Nahmii will always be able to bridge their assets easily to the Ethereum mainnet should they choose. (Bridging will be available soon through the Nahmii Bridge).

Kiwii is more than an NFT marketplace

Kiwii’s benefits extend far beyond more efficient, profit driven NFT markets. More specifically, Kiwii’s user-friendly platform demonstrates what you can do with Ethereum’s composability, but without banking on your NFTs just being speculative assets. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars’ worth of ETH each time you mint or trade an NFT, you can enjoy and explore new forms of creative expression and value creation.

In short, Kiwii offers a world in which NFTs can be used for more than just trading — with all the composability of Ethereum, minus the high fees.

Coming soon: Fly over your NFTs like a Kiwii bird

As one of the first products launched out of SkunkDAO, Nahmii’s Web3 startup incubator, Kiwii enables users to engage with Nahmii’s ecosystem like never before.

Next on the roadmap is the addition of NFT transfers via the Nahmii Bridge. Using the Nahmii Bridge, anyone will be able to port existing ERC-721 and ERC1155 tokens to Kiwii and begin trading them on an entirely new market. At any point, these assets can also be sent back to the Ethereum network for hosting and trading there.

The implications of Kiwii’s low cost and near-instant NFT deployments are limitless, and these opportunities as well as the variety of NFTs available will continue to grow as new user-friendly-features are introduced to Kiwii. And while we’re thrilled to see a growing demand for NFT collectibles, Kiwii gives you the opportunity to launch and seed NFTs for high-throughput and complex dApps in the realms of online gaming, DeFi-NFT projects, and beyond.

In short, Kiwii enables everyone to participate in the Cambrian explosion of creativity and excitement that NFTs offer, and we look forward to seeing you Kiwii up the NFT scene!

Be sure to follow Kiwii Marketplace and Kiwii Labs on Twitter and join Nahmii’s Discord community and Kiwii Discord Community for the latest updates.

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