Doodles 2 is Launching on the Flow Blockchain‍

Doodles 2 is coming to the Flow blockchain...
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Prominent Ethereum NFT project, Doodles, has recently announced it is launching its larger-scale Doodles 2 project on Flow, a blockchain most known for sports NFT initiatives like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day.

Doodles 2 will come with a unique NFT experience where Doodles holders may personalize their NFTs with wearables and attributes minted on Flow. Holders will be able to design dynamic NFT identities with the Dooplicator tool that can be shared across social media, real-world events, gaming platforms, and metaverses. The wearables can also be swapped and traded on the Gaia marketplace.

Doodles 2 was first introduced at the NFT NYC event in June of last year. Although it is said to cover millions of NFTs rather than the 10,000 avatars in the first Doodles series, it still retains the pastel, cartoonish style of the first collection and artist Scott "Burnt Toast" Martin.

Due to the customization feature and the fact that Ethereum mainnet transactions may incur high network gas fees, the Doodles 2 developers announced at NFT NYC that the project will launch on a different blockchain. Some people in the NFT industry speculated that it would be Solana or perhaps Polygon.

Julian Holguin, the CEO of Doodles, stated that Flow was "designed to scale from day one" and that it would be the ideal match for Doodles going forward.

The NBA, NFL, and Ticketmaster are just a few of the companies that currently use the Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs. After its first NFT game project, CryptoKitties overloaded the Ethereum network in 2017, Flow was created as a scalable blockchain that can potentially process millions of transactions concurrently.

The Doodles team is confident that Flow's smooth onboarding process and top-notch security will enable Doodles to welcome both Web3 natives and newcomers to the space.

Doodles is a blue-chip NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs launched in October 2021 on Ethereum. Since its release, it has developed one of the most lively communities in Web3. It is one of the most recognizable firms on the market due to its pastel colors and family vibe.

The Dooplicator tool will be released to Doodles holders on January 31, kicking off the first stage of Doodles 2.

2022 was a challenging year for many NFT projects, and several even chose to leave or simply disappear, but that wasn’t the case for Doodles. Despite the downturn market, the company has continued to build, launch projects, and give value to the Doodles community. Here are some of our most recent Doodles stories:

Last June, Doodles was in the headlines when it announced the addition of renowned artist Pharrell Williams as its new Chief Brand Officer. The announcement was made at NFT.NYC, where Williams committed to "bring Doodles to new heights."

In September of last year, Doodles secured $54 million in a fundraising round led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian's firm Seven Seven Six. Doodles stated that it will use the funding to expand into music and entertainment. The latest round valued Doodles at $704 million.

Doodles launching its newest project on Flow is exciting news for Doodles holders and blockchain enthusiasts. Here at NFT Drops Calendar, we'll keep a close eye to see if any new initiatives or collaborations between Doodles and Flow emerge.

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