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Darya Diordieva

My name is Darya. 29 years. Mother of two children. In drawing a little over a year. Drawing is my love. Only 6 months in the...


Lisa Camero, also known as LCamero, is a Puerto Rican artist and fashion designer based in Miami. She received a degree...


NFT Creator https://Hand drawn Typography https://Artificial intelligence (Ai) Users


Intuitive Artist & Architect Physical & Digital Art Cubism, Abstract, Psychedelic, Expressionism .

Anna Asatryan

My name is Anna. I am a traditional and digital 2D artist, as well as a designer all rolled into one.


Alyse is a digital artist who combines illustration, photography, 3d modeling, and animation to create scenes that come to...


Hi, I'm Felurya, I'm a Brazilian self-taught digital artist exploring Web3. My journey as an artist started very early. Since...


Hi, I’m a Brazilian-Canadian artist. I work with physical and digital art that intends to focus on Mental Health...

Katie Johnson

Katie is an artist that is obsessed with geometric shapes using pen on paper. Lately, she has been moving into the digital...


The social and environmental conflicts of the 21st century are the main topics of Jessica Kind’s art. The artist sees herself...


I am an artist with a minimalism approach, specializing in traditional painting like watercolor and oil painting. My love...


I am eleke a visual artist, painter, nft artist, and 3D artist very influenced by pop and surrealism.

Giselle Dekel

Giselle Dekel is an Israel-based illustrator from Belgium. Her style is minimal, feminine and has a big love for stripes that...

Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria is an artist and poet working in New York City. Taking advantage of the fluidity of her ink, color pencil...

Naomi Toma

Handrawn illustration artist based in the jungle of Peru who shares joy and mindfulness through colorful digital paintings. ...

Toco Deco

I'm a female Latin American artist with a masters degree in interdisciplinary fine art. My work is abstract, expressionist...

Shaylin Wallace

Worldly known for creating surrealistic compositions in Photoshop, Shaylin Wallace "Shay The Surrealist" is a 23-year old...

Becka Watkins

✨ A Witch & Her Craft ‍♀️♈️ ✨ Exclusive Designs for Awesome Brands! ✨

Mason Eve

Mason Eve is a Brooklyn based artist, designer, and art educator. She views art as a powerful tool for healing, freedom,...

Jimena Buena Vida

Abstract artist influenced by her engineering background, personal healing journey, and Latin American heritage.

Marishka Soekarna

Indonesian visual artist, Marishka Soekarna, talks about life as a female creative living in Jakarta and Depok.


My name is Pailin and I’m a 21 year old illustrator based in Toronto. My style is often described as mysterious, vibrant & bold....

Caroline Harroe Arts

My name is Caroline Harroe. First and foremost I am a mum to 5 little people including two sets of twins. We live a...


Aestrild is an Asian-Canadian artist + mom who paints mythical dreamscapes, often revisiting old classical art + stories...


QuintaM an artist from Thailand. I make digital art and painting 💙blue represents me💙I create works through life...

Ayla El-Moussa

Ayla El-Moussa is a surreal artist who utilizes film and photography to blend nature, the female form, and the ocean...


Fashion Student and self taught Artist from Austria. I work with digital watercolor and graphite. My art style, is...

Michelle Staton

Michelle has been an outsider genre physical artist for over two decades with solo and group shows in NYC, Miami, Burningman...


Jacklyn is a 1/1 artist painting women in an art nouveau style. she creates emotional pieces that examine innocence, loss,...

Joy Chiang

As a Chinese Australian artist, I am deeply inspired by the transformative power of motherhood and the unique challenges and...


I’m Zoe. An oil paint artists and lover of words. I explore my mind and dive deep into my past experiences to present a body...


Building Haus Of Shakti💎 Art & Podcasts ⏩I host fun spaces #spaceshost @tezosIAC Web3. 0 Media & Marketing @The_Zo_World

Ambidextrous Nude Irina

Irina, a Ukrainian artist and mother. In March she had to leave her house with her two kids, a backpack and a small luggage bag....

Courtney (The Curly Goddess)

Courtney, also known as The Curly Goddess in the NFT space, is a self taught multidisciplinary Canadian artist based in Ontario....

Rimi Al Koutoubi

A symbol of transformation, and rebirth. She represents personal growth. She is The Monarch.

Lisa Jill Matthew

Hi, I'm Lisa, a Canadian born abstract artist creating in Lugano, Switzerland. I gave up a successful career in banking and...


Hellou, my name is Aislan Douglas, 29 years old and father of a little girl. NFT Artist...

Faith Love

I'm orginally from Chicago, Illinois but currently based out of Charlotte, NC!I'm a digital artist that SOMETIMES dabbles...


I love creating abstract-realistic art, mixing different techniques and processes. I try to give my pieces soul and a special...


Art is my way of understanding myself to ease suffering. And to share it with people and hopefully ease theirs too.


Hemily makes unique abstract portraits that portray the digital identities of Web3. She is fascinated by...


Oh yeah. That very moment has come. Was it possible for me to be here and now in this place? However, it happened. Damn...


Have been actively involved in Web3 as an artist, collector and moderator for several Women Led Projects, for nearly two years. ...

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